• Duct tape?
  • Lotion. Lots and lots of fragrance free lotion right afterwards. Unscented deoderant will help too. And that also retards hair growth.
  • Don't try waxing it yourself. The wax they use for 'down there' is different to the other waxes they use for your legs or underarms. If you go to a proffessional or a beauty salon they can do it for you, you'll have great results and it doesn't cost very much. Although, the first time does hurt like all hell.
  • i wouldnt shave it just trim it real short with scissors. girls who shave look like aliens its nasty and itchy. I trim it to like a cm long with just scissors and have had no complaints. and during bikini season just shave around the edges if you have to so you dont look like you have an animal in your swimsuit
  • Laser it. I'm told that will do better and after a few times it last longer than anything else.
  • I found the intuition razor to be awesome, that and some bikini spray and even though I shave every day, I have no problems...and NO, I don't look like an alien.
  • We'll let one of the girls from the sorority house answer; Lisa take over.....It is best if you use a depilatory cream instead of using a razor if you do use a razor use lots of baby oil & never shave against the grain. Karite` Gold & Simply Smooth are excellent over-the-counter products. If you can afford it,just go to a Spa/salon and consult with a professional licensed beautician... I Hope that helps.
  • Christ - never EVER shave down there - you'll do yourself horrendous damage. And definetly don't use a depilitary cream if you have sensitive skin - REALLY bad plan! (experience talking here!) The only sensible way to get rid of the hair is to get a professional wax. don't try and do any kind of waxing yourself - it's a professional skill that you need to be trained to handle. Be warned - most regular high street beauticians won't do any more than a tidy-up around the edges. If you want a Brazilian or full Hollywood (i.e. all off!) you'll need to find a waxing specialist who's been trained to do it. A full wax is intimate, painful and very expensive - you'll also need to grow the hairs quite long in-between times. But - you will avoid the risk of cutting yourself, you avoid shaving rash, and as the hair grows back soft, rather than blunt - you avoid the stubble problem.
  • I am a guy that shaved his GAL and you are right after a day it got very unconfortable for her
  • i have tried them all ,,having lazer treatment now ,very pleased with the results ,,,,
  • iim in ur position lyk an alien thats y im still a virgen 2 embarresed 2 show off...i shave with soap n water...
  • Wel, you could try that english thing, Smooth away. That worked for my girlfriend when I bought her one.
  • Change the blade frequently. As blades become dull they pull the hair and cause more irritation. BTW the reason I know that is men have the same problem with their faces when they try to stretch out the life of a blade, such as to save pennies.
  • Good Goddess! why would you want to? A natural woman, just as the gods made her, is lovely, beautiful, and MUCH more desirable than one who has taken away her adornment.

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