• Just like you said. 1. She doesn't want to be in a relationship with you , and don't want to hear anything of you being in love. 2. She obviously thinks you both should focus on more important stuff like studies 3. She try to make it clear that what would be, would be. I really think if you proceed with bothering her with love, questions and uncertainty you will loose her forever. You sound very clingy. Just consentrate on your studies as she suggested and see what happens.
  • it nneans youre probably distracting her fronn focusing on her studies
  • By in large what she said is completely irrelevant weighed against the understanding that she does not want to be with you. Sorry but there is nothing to do and if she doesn't want the relationship it's over. To carefully go over the words she used to look for a way around her not wanting to be with you is totally pointless.
  • Focus on your studies and improving yourself and your life situation. When the time is right don't hesitate to see other women, but stay away from little girls who don't know who they are or what they want. Focus on those mature enough to make adult decisions. It sounds to me like your ex made a wise choice for both of you for the time being, because if its not right for either of you its not going to work. And if and when the time is right you may end up back together, but it is more likely you will find someone else.

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