• she might be the one with the crush on you
      good answer Pearllederman
  • She's just shy. I suggest you accept their friend request and get to know them. But just because someone has a 'crush' from afar doesn't mean they're going to fall in love with you, so don't get your hopes up for love, just be casual and friendly and see how things develop. You may end up with a good friend out of this. You might have a slim chance of finding love. Then again you might see that you're really not attracted to each other close up. In any case if it doesn't work out she wasn't the right one for you and it's best to move on anyway. That's what dating in high school is all about, learning how to be social, not necessarily finding true love just yet. Also I'm willing to help you improve your English if you'd like.
  • I think Pearlederman has it right.... It's the first girl who likes you and she's using her friend as an excuse to talk to you 😉
  • Who knows. I could give you a dozen paragraphs of my own experience and we could be equally confused about young women's dating strategies. I'll try to keep it short and just say that Pearllederman might be right. From my own personal experience, when girl #1 approaches a boy to say that girl #2 has a crush on him, about 50% of the time, girl #1 is the one who has a crush on the boy, not girl #2, although sometimes (maybe 25%) neither girl has a crush on the boy and sometimes (maybe 20%) girl #2 does, and rarely (maybe 5%), both girls do.

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