• Jacuzzi, I need a jacuzzi!
  • a pool!!
  • I live in a condo so i would say a garden. I miss having a garden
  • I would agree with the fireplace. Someday I will have a house with one. I have always wanted to be able to be able to sit infront of the fire reading a book with my dog sitting in front of the fire. looking out into the woods and the snow. Thats what I want someday.
  • I'm so happy you asked!! SECRET PASSAGEWAYS!! Yes, how awesome would that be? Honestly, when I grow up and become a real adult and have my own place, I am going to save up a ridiculous amount of money to install secret passageways in my house. Does anyone know of any contractors that do this? It'll be the coolest EVER.
  • I only have one bedroom. I would like to have 3 bedrooms and two bath in case my kids or family come over.
  • After living here for 10 years, I was finally able to get some of the things I wanted. It is really a great feeling, isn't it. I designed my very own kitchen, and both bathrooms. I got all new fixtures, appliances and everything. What's left? A covered patio outside the sliding glass door I had installed. My son lost his job, and we have to help with the payments on his house (which we bought for him). Until he finds another job, we won't be able to finish our remodel.
  • Since we are in the midst of building our home, I can't actually think of anything we left out. Of course I could say a working shower! LOL!!! We still go next door for showering and we're installing the vanity and sink as I write. Got a wood burning stove, wood fired hot tub outside, finally have porch and balcony. OH! It would be nice for the stairs to have rails! lol!!! I guess it's on the to do list:-)
  • I'd like to renovate the master bathroom so that there would be his and her sinks and a longer counter top and bigger mirror. That would save alot of time and arguement in the morning when my wife and I are trying to get ready for work at the same time.
  • I'd like a fireplace too...but have you seen this?:
  • A screened in porch. The mosquitoes are horrendous, and it would be amazing to have a refuge from them!
  • I'd settle for a dishwasher. For the rest, I am extremely happy.
  • an indoor swimming pool and gym would be great
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  • Let's see a pool, a sauna, a hot tub, a fire place would be nice to. A sun porch with a walk out flower garden, and I didn't mention a fitness room.

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