• i might, just cause someone murdered someone there dont mean i will be murdered but i cant afford a house right now
  • Yes I would, but I would probably do so as an investment opportunity and rent it out. Real estate is a great money making investment over a long term. Short term buy and sell after renovation is very risky.
  • The death of a former resident wouldn't be on my list of reasons for or against choosing that house.
  • Not if it's The Amityville Horror house. lol
  • My grandson did exactly that. Bought a house way below market value because the mother was killed by her adult son (a tweaker) and the house fell into foreclosure. He bought it as a short sale from the estate and he is living there happily with his family. 8/19/23
  • I probably couldn't even afford that! But I would if I could!
  • My friend did everytime i go there he gives a blow by blow account of the 4 people that were shot in his lounge room. Hes lived there for 10 years now the story gets better everytime he tells it. weather it would be hard to rent if he wanted to rent it is anyones guess. it was $80k cheaper than the house next door sold for a year before and a nicer house same amount of land.

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