• I'll bet the slab downstairs is cracked too, from shoddy workmanship. Build it cheap, sell it fast and hightail it outta there.
  • Sounds. Like badly built!
  • not sure, maybe you should have someone check it out
  • the house is still settling
  • Are you renting or do you own it? If you're renting I'd talk to the landlord first, then I'd contact the local condemning authority and get them to look at it, but the building is probably still settling. In any case I'd want the cracks fixed for both energy efficiency and pest control reasons.
  • Sounds like a case of cracked foundation. When a concrete foundation cracks it sort of "splits" and then the walls start (slowly) "coming apart) with the sort of vertical and diagonal cracks that you are describing. *** As one answer stated, this is usually due to the ground under the foundation shifting or "settling". *** Typically it's VERY expensive to repair. Repairmen have to dig under the part of the foundation that has settled and then jack it up evenly so that it is "straight" again ("straight" with respect to the remainder of the foundation). *** In my (very limited) experience it's unusual for this to happen in a mere three years. Perhaps the building was built upon poor ground ("poor" in the sense that it was not good, solid ground, not good for putting houses on in the first place).

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