• he needs to talk to sonneone in innigration about it
  • It's called a marriage certificate.
  • he married an American, so he's naturalized. go to ICE and show them the marriage certificate so they can give him any necessary proof of citizenship. His wife should have known this.
    • dalcocono
      An excerpt; "There is a common misconception that foreign nationals who marry U.S. citizens will automatically obtain U.S. Citizenship through marriage, this is not true. If you get married to a U.S. citizen, you may have a shorter wait time till you can apply for citizenship, but you will not become a citizen immediately after your marriage. How To Become A US Citizen Through Marriage? - US ..."
    • mugwort
      Perhaps contacting an immigration lawywer would solve the issue of whether or not your dad can legally emigrate to the US. Good luck2u.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, it sounds like it would be best to check with an immigration lawyer. And I echo the good luck. Actually this was posted a while back! Could you give us an update?
  • Pinchi mojado!

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