• Scary stuff. Perhaps we are looking for odd things at that time and see stuff we wouldnt notice normally?
  • Perhaps your grandmother's perfume was distilled from the essence of a flower that's in bloom this time of year.
  • Someimes a memory will stir up a certain smell. Could that be it? It is good you still think about her and she is not forgotten.
  • halloween , or "sahain" is the best night of the year and strongest for energies ! some can feel the energy build as the day gets closer . many are doing rituals everywhere , so energies are stronger than most days , spirits are attracted to energy . . sanhain is the most magickal night of the year , the great sabbat , the pagan new year , end of the old , beginning of the new . the last of the 3 harvest fests of the pagan year . "samhain is gaelic for "summer's end" . it falls exactly between the 2 quarter days of the autumn equinox , and the winter solstice when the sun has reached 15% scorpio. the best night for divination , and magick ! the christians even tried to compeate with the pagan holiday , dressing up as dead saints .. (hence "all saints day " and the reason for blood on costumes .) one of the popes even moved their stolen holiday to the same date as the pagans to "override" it . sadly seems to have worked . enjoy it ... it only comes once a year .... for some ;-)
  • Maybe you are just more aware of it right now or she felt like she needed to let you know she was there for you for some reason. When my mom has cancer and I was taking care of her through all of her chemo and radiation, my grandma was there in spirit. During that time, I saw someone about the height of my older son at the time in dark hair (same height and hair as her) walking down the hall out of the corner of my eye, but he wasn't there. I even felt her presence at my mom's house but didn't say anything to her about it because I wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not. Then my mom told me that she felt her mom there and that's when I told her I felt her too.
  • OOOh that's really cool and scary. Are you sure there's no logical explanation?
  • All hallows eve or halloween as it is called here is not really a scary "holiday". The day after halloween in many cultures is "the day of the dead" It's a celebration for the dead, they dance and sing and party AND, invite the relatives that have passed to join in. Maybe activity increases from the excitement of the spirits. After all, it's their big day, sort of like the building energy/excitement of a child waiting for their birthday party for a couple of weeks. Or, maybe she felt like you could use a reminder to cheer you up or just let you feel the love she has for you. :-)..LOL still can't comment>> Back feels pretty good, I went back to doc today and handed him the pills I had left. He said do you need me to give you something else, I said if you do I will just bring them back the next visit, NO more drugs. I think I shocked them, I am not begging for more pain pills like most seem to do. I can handle the pain now on my own. Thank you so much for asking. How are you doing?
  • I don't know, but seems like you are right. True story: Just last night I fell asleep on AB, like I always do, on top of the covers in a dead person looking possion , hands crossed on chest, when I'm jolted awake by a blinding light, I look and see that one of my full spectrum lamps is turned facing a mirror across from my bed, beaming reflected light into my sleeping eyes, waking me up, and my tube dress top is pulled down exposing my heaving teats. ;+ hep
  • I was explained this a long time ago and I believe it strongly, the closer we get to the Winter Solstice, the closer the real world and the spiritual world are to intertwining. Hence more reports of ghostly activity from October up to February more than any other time of the year. It's odd stuff, but I've experienced all of my encounters around Christmas so I believe.
  • your memories of her are attached to her scent(or vice versa?),you amplified the smell in your mind cause of the association with your memories of her...(for lack of better phrasing)
  • Icy, its not ghosts or spirits that are making noise in your kitchen, its cockroaches, call the pest control. :P
  • Did your Granny enjoy Halloween? If she did, she is letting you smell her presense.
  • The mind is a very mysterious thing. So, too, is our imagination. You can think yourself into experiencing many things, none of which are real. This is not to say that such things are impossible. I don't know what is possible since life itself is very mysterious! :)
  • I think it is just because the "mistique" of halloween makes the imagination more active at that time.
  • Samhain. In terms of spirituality, it is believed that the veil between this plane of existence and the underworld becomes incredibly thin.... I think....
  • Don't be afraid or upset, you should be thankful, Icy. Your grandmother is just coming to say hello to you because she wants to visit with her little girl.
  • Well, firstly, ghosts just seem more active around Halloween because it's a time of year when people think more about them. Secondly, smells and memories have a weird link. A memory in your subconscious could trigger a smell without you knowing where it came from. Notice that almost every time a "ghostly" smell is reported, it's one that is very familiar to the person.
  • well is your grandma dead if she is did she die in your house in the exact room you smelt her perfume then it is possible that she is still there and beleive that she is still there or youll make her upset
  • I read all your answers and heres mine.No,spirits aren't more active around Halloween.When our love ones pass they still visit us.There are many signs,you just have to be open to it.A perfume smell is one.Your grandmother isn't a ghost,she's a spirit.She has already passed over and is doing fine.She leaves signs that she is there watching over you.Feel very blessed when you smell her.

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