• You might be hearing stuff, so maybe you should go see a psychiatrist. You might need to.
    • mushroom
      I agree, There is no such thing as telepathy or mind reading. Call a doctor. In the meantime, if you get another celebrity "call," hang up.
  • Maybe you're an X-Man. Badass.
  • I believe in esp... God had me reach someone for Christ that way. The lady was there but not there, if you know what I mean.. you may have heard of her, she was in the news.. they took her off her food source,, starved to death.. and died.
  • That's not telepathy, it is aliens controlling your mind but you can correct the situation. Just form a beanie hat out of tin foil and wear it (especially when you are outdoors). Aliens don't know about aluminum and it foils their attempt at controling your mind.
    • Archie Bunker
      Stay by water. Water is their weakness. That's what M Night Shamalamdingdog says.

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