• Ghosts don't exist, so on one can be possessed by them.
  • dont even know who she is
  • i have no idea
  • Jesus spent much of his time in the ministry expelling demons from possessed people. One of the many accounts is written in Matthew 10:28 which describes a man possessed by so many demons that Jesus sent them out of the man into a “herd of swine”. That herd of swine then “rushed over the precipice into the sea”, Mark 5:13 writes that the herd consisted of 2000 pigs. According to what is written in the Bible, demons exist, they have the power to affect humans and God has given Jesus the power to destroy them.
    • Sandra Ursula
      The Bible is only primitive fiction.
  • There ain't no such thing as ghosts, so nobody has ever been possessed by them in the real world.
  • She did underwent a series of exorcisms. A logical answer I can give you in regards to ghosts, better known as spirits: they can take many forms and communicate through energy, strange noises, candle flames, liquid (water in a glass may ripple) when a spirit is near and etc. The story of Legion indicates that many demons/spirits possessed the tormented man in Matthew 8:28-34.
  • No. She had temporal lobe epilepsy. She was tortured by her overly religious parents and by the priests they hired to exercise demons from her, so she developed an aversion to Catholic iconography as a result of her trauma. She died of dehydration as a result of this abuse and her parents as well as the religious officials responsible for killing her were convicted of homicide. Even the church itself later admitted that all of the stuff about demons possessing her was hogwash.

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