• Yes. I'm sure they'll do everything they can to keep her pain under control and to keep her comfortable. Hospice workers are wonderful and they'll take good care of her. I'm very sorry that she's so sick.
  • she will probably get some drip system that goes into her blood.
  • They will as much as is physically possible per doctor's orders. With late stage cancer there is often no way to control all the pain. They can only do so much but they will do all they can. Hospice is usually good about contacting the doctor to work with him/her to get better pain control for the patient.
  • dude/dudet unless u say something unless u say somethin to them about not then they wont stop or unless she has a bad reaction to the pain control
  • I do not know where you are, but in UK the Hospice movement has developed expertise in palliative care, pain control, and above all, dying with dignity. A friend of mine was a doctor in a hospice, and she told me that the pain control regimes used in hospices are superior to those used in other health care establishments. They tend to use a lot of pain control, because they whole aim of the hospice is to allow people dignity. In her hospice, they even had a "drinks trolley" which came round in the evenings, so the patient could have a glass of sherry, or whiskey or whatever their tipple was - even if they were on pain meds - to give them some sense of pleasure and normality in a difficult situation. I am very impressed with the standards of care in hospices, and they really do deserve all our support - it takes a special kind of person to work there, but those special people will really make your grandmother's last days as comfortable for her as they can. They are experts in that!

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