• Liberals have been brainwashed by the lunatic left media liars who are anti-gun. They're controlled by raw emotions aroused by the lunatic left media, and that prevents them from being able to be reasonable and objective about this subject and lots of others. In the USA, some cities with the strictest gun laws have the most crime. People have owned guns since settlers arrived here from Europe, and the mass shootings spree is a recent thing. It's oversimplifying to blame guns for it. That's senseless.
  • i think people would carry guns whether its legal or not
  • I have "no dog in this fight" but the studies I have seen showed that states with the strongest gun control laws had significantly fewer homicides by guns.
    • Linda Joy
      But did they have fewer homicides? Lower crime rates? My point is not that if criminals have guns they will use them. My point is taking away the guns doesn't lower crime they simply find another way.
  • I agree, acts of violence existed long before guns were invented. This is why Jesus commanded that we love one another (Matthew 22:39).
  • Because they are leftists.
  • They never said it was. But it seems you're not informed enough to realise that the difference between a crime being committed with a gun in hand and without a gun in hand is the gun. It's why "" is laughed at with their misleads factoids. You really should pick better sources that deal with real facts.
    • Linda Joy
      The whole gun advocate protest is because they think keeping guns out of the hands of lawful citizens is going to keep them safe. It doesn't. Statistics have proved that time and again. Just look at crime rates where they've banned them. And the first site I grabbed is not the issue. The fact is men kill. They killed long before firearms and continue to kill even when they can't get their hands on a gun.

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