• Yes, all should be charged with murder.
  • Yes, they are all responsible, for beating on her. How do you determine who's blows caused her death?
  • Most Definately ; ALL six of the girls need to be charged for MURDER .... IF they had not helped beat the girl down; she would not have been murdered ... All six should FRY ...
  • In court the others could be charged with murder in the second or third degree, attempted murder or manslaughter.
  • No. The ones who left before the murder, who didn't commit the murder or aid in supplying weapons to accomplish the murder shouldn't be held responsible for the murder. They should get charged with aggravated assault.
  • Yes and no. Yes, they would be charged, but probably not for murder. More like attempted murder. Since they were all involved in the initial beating, there's no reason to think that the victim wouldn't have died anyway if she had been left alone after the beating.
  • Yes,because they helped to start off the string of events that lead to the other girl's death.Whether or not they actually"Pulled the Trigger" so to speak,should'nt matter in the end result being what it is.Besides,how does anyone but the coraner know for sure that a blow to the head by one of the other girls didn't start an anurism that led to the death eventually? Even HE could not know EXACTLY who caused the blow of death,but a death pathologist could determine the amount of time in coralation with the blow,to death.*
  • The four would get arrested for physical abuse. The other tow would be arrested for murder.
  • as accomplices, or accessory's to murder..yes.
  • The two should be charged with murder, the four should be charged with a lesser charge, perhaps manslaughter.
  • Actually, If they could prove which of the 2 that stayed delivered the blow that killed her, she ought to be the only one charged with murder, the other 5 should get charged with battery & accessory to murder (or accomplice, whatever)
  • if a person dies during a crime, regardless of the intention then it becomes Felony murder and ALL parties involved carry equal blame - all 6 should face the same charges
  • i guess those who left will be guilty by association, or leading to the death. oh my God, did this happen somewhere?!?
  • Most likely the 6 of them all be charged with murder or conspiracy to commit murder. This could be a big challenge for their defence attorney. Who is to say whether or not the blows provided by the 4 girls that left earlier are the ones which actually set the stage for the victim ultimate fate? The two girls who stayed probably would be charged with homicide and the other 4 girls with involuntary manslaughter. But just take my words as a mere speculation.
  • Only if motive can be proven. If the plan initially was not to kill her, the four that left might be charged with aggravated assault. But, if they knew the beating were getting severe enough to possibly cause death, they would be charged more severely. Also, there will be no way to prove at what point she would have died. Even if the beating stopped before she died, it could still result in her death. Most likely the four that left would be charged either as second degree murder, or manslaughter. The two that stayed would be charged with murder 1.
  • I think they are all guilty, if they beat that girl so badly, then two teens that stayed just finished the job.
  • The 2 should have gotten the worst sentencing (a few life terms) tho I think the ones that left should have gotten a bit more than 6 months to 2 years (and some major therepy) The saddest part is there are people making money from her death, movies and books have since been published and no notes that I seen that went toward any cause or charity in her name. You'd think her parents would have done something to raise awareness for bullying or something to that affect.

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