• No, I think if it works in Israel it would work here. The only problem here is that people cannot seem to think straight!
  • i dont have kids but i think they would be safer if they did do that
  • Absolutely, they'd be safer. You don't confront a man with a gun with kind words and peace signs.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you think they should wear kevlar?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      This isn't Beirut, Linda. Having armed security is a far cry from kids wearing bullet resistant vests. (they're not bulletproof)
    • Linda Joy
      so you're saying they should have the caps as well? lol
    • Archie Bunker
  • No, I would feel safer for my 16 years old daughter if there were armed guards to discourage mass shootings. A gun free zone is a invitation for a mass murderer to enter and shoot as many children as he likes without fear of being shot himself. Several people should be armed at schools the way the situation has now become.
  • All teachers in Israel are required to carry fully automatic rifles with them at all times when in the school or playground. There have only been two minor incidents at schools since this was required.
  • Let's get one thing straight! I don't/won't have any kids! :P
    • Linda Joy
      .....and the rest of the world thanks you! : P
    • Wakko
      About time I get some global recognition! xD
  • i dont have kids but i probably wouldnt

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