• Nothing is the child's fault. It's society's fault. There is no personal responsibility anymore.
  • cause theyre in denial about what happened
  • That's not grooming your child for prison. some parents don't know how to explain that to a child or they don't even know what it is because their parents don't even know what the right thing to do is because their parents didn't teach them either it's a cycle
    • Linda Joy
      Its still grooming them for prison, whether they are aware of it or not.
    • Archie Bunker
      Pauli, if a parent doesn't know what's right and wrong, they shouldn't be parents. And every person out there that's not a mental case knows what's right. They typically just choose to ignore that fact.
  • I must say you're a fine one to talk about stirring up trouble. I've been watching your recent postings.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm just being honest if you can't take that go back home! Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are stirring up trouble. In fact I don't dislike anyone here. Y'all make me laugh! And it was a member of your own posse that told me you don't use those boots for walking you use them to kick people when they're down. Now are you going to prove them right or wrong? Were you groomed for prison? Did you really go to jail for nearly murdering an in-law? In fact there are so many rumors circulating around about you I'd like a pm to find out just how much of it is true. Are you ready for an honest one on one? Set me straight!
    • Linda Joy
      Oh and by the way the trouble came to AB when you and Crazy Chick came back and started accusing members of things they didn't do BEHIND THEIR BACKS by the way! Tell me all about how I started this you lying convict!
    • Linda Joy
      Don't forget to acknowledge that you were the one who dug up this question JUST TO STIR UP TROUBLE with me!! Well if you want it and I'm up for it I'll toss it around with you! Until you start to bore me.
  • You got caught is what you did wrong son. Cover for you own at all costs. No parant wants thier child going to prison shifty people teach their children to be shifty save money.

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