• Miss Marrot she was a right cow:)
  • I am sorry i may not like a teacher but i am not going to stoop so low to put their name on here like that.
  • Mrs. Gross (no joke!). I remember being made to take my desk to the back of the room and turn it to the wall while the class watched movies. The lady just hated me.
  • My religion teacher. Enough said
  • Mine was my Latin teacher, called "Neppus" by students. That was 59 years ago......
  • Mrs. Gregorian. Doesn't she just sound evil?
  • I had a teacher that was arrested for taking students to his home and filming them naked... He was a child pornographer Nough said? His name was Mr. Neilson. I hope he is dead or suffering in excrutiating pain somewhere right now!
  • Mrs. Bender!!!!!!!!UCK! What a BIG FAT B*tch!!! She was so mean to me. +5
  • Richard Van Hall (he died in Fresno, in 2000). He sexually assaulted me when I was 13, in PE class. Years later, I definitely got even with him, big time. I went through his trash and found out his Master Card® number, plus bits of personal information about him. In one day, I gave his CC number to over 14 street hookers in Greater Los Angeles, California. I found out that his CC was used to charge over $40,000 worth of merchandise. I told everyone I could, about how he had sexually abused me, and someone (I don't know who) tossed poisoned meat over his fence, which was eaten by his pedigreed Boxer.
  • Hah, Mrs. Sze.
  • I was really shy and awkard in elementary school my parents were really poor and we dressed bad, and never smiled... just really self conscious. For some reason my math teacher Mrs. Weaver thought I was a troublemaker when I never even said a word or did anything, just based on my appearance. There are actually bad teachers.

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