• I do signed up back in the old ab days, think it was 2004-5 not sure on those dates but it's been awhile.
  • Been the same for probably 7 or 8 years.
  • I signed up for the old one and and still the same name. I also had the same Chucky Cheese avatar. But have changed my avatar many times since.
  • The original AB started in 2003 and I missed part of the first year. Since 2004 I have always used the same name and only ever had the one account. Never did see much point in people opening multiple accounts. My avatar remained the same through all those years too. Unfortunately, the last time my computer had a melt down I lost my original avatar so I had to go with the one you see here on the new AB. It is very very close to the original and if I hadn't said so ... I don't think any of my old friends would even notice the difference.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Didn't notice.
    • Linda Joy
      AB opened April 4 2003
  • The way I still have the Chucky Cheese I save it to a disk don't remember if I saved it on CD or not but a CD loads way too slow for me. So I started saving images on SD cards which open very fast. :) The SD card is a good replacement of the floppy disk my XP is the last computer to have with a floppy drive. I have had floppy disks go bad.
  • Mine is the same always here,FB, Yahoo 360 multiply, MSN Spaces,my birth certificate, driver's license, everywhere! And I've been here one year today!
  • i do but i dont remember how long it was
  • I have had my name, Thinker, back on the old AB. I also had Gringo 27 or 72 I don't remember now but have not put it on here. my other here is dickw60 but haven't used it in some time.
  • Only the initials but the photo is eternal.

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