• Has it been queued for spidering? It may show up later. I've had several questions, comments and answers removed. All you have to do is offend someone and they report. If staff agrees its gone no explanation. Wait a few weeks and post it again. The 'mood' of AB may have changed by then. As for when was the lat time? I have no clue! I wouldn't even know. I accidentally blocked AB's mails from my gmail account and don't know how to get them back so I don't get notifications anymore. And the paging system on ones questions here is rediculous! I have to search google to find my own questions! I noticed the question hasn't been removed!
    • Wakko
      I didn't block mail notifications and they still stopped coming.
  • never
    • Wakko
      Have you ever asked a question? :P
    • pearllederman
    • Wakko
      Damn, I must be getting Alzheimer's . :P

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