• I believe everything alive has a soul.
  • all but gingers
  • No, I believe we all have two soles. Women actually have more, a lot more
  • The reality is that there is no such thing. The idea is pure delusion.
  • I cannot find the human part "soul' on my anatomy chart. Can you point to me where it is?
  • Yes, I do. If there were no souls, we wouldn't have ghosts. And there are too many reports of ghost sightings not to believe in their existence.
  • I believe we have a soul something that is bigger then just our brains having lack of oxygen and all that! I believe we have another world to venture to after death.
  • Uh, no. There's no evidence whatsoever for the existence of a soul. Nobody can even define it. What would it be? Where would it be located? What would it be made out of? There's consciousness, yes. There's personality. There's emotions. There's memory, and thought, and sensation. There's dreams, and beliefs, and bodies. But nobody has ever observed a "soul", except when Aretha Franklin sings. And we all know there's only one Aretha.
  • A soul is a body. I have a body, so I have a soul.
  • Not in the religious sense.
  • I don't :)
  • I used to, but then it clicked that Adam and Eve were given souls when God breathed pneuma into them. Which implies that the Nephilim, or 'fallen ones', did not have souls. So it's very possible that there are some on earth even today who do not have eternal souls. Which meshes nicely with the beliefs of Atheists and Flatlanders.
  • Yes, I do and no, I do not believe in ghosts.
  • every living thing has a life force, but it does not transcend after death.
  • Yes of course.
  • My take; Yes. I believe we have a soul. You can separate a living being into two elements- a body and a soul - the physical component that is composed of matter (hair, flesh, blood) and the non-physical component that thinks, feels and animates the body (mind, senses, personality). The non-physical component is called the soul. I believe all sentient beings have a soul. The soul resides in the body, gives life to the body and expresses itself via the body. The body houses and is the vehicle of the soul. If it were possible for us to exist without a physical body then we would simply be a soul. The difference between a dead person and a living person is that there is no soul connected to the body of a dead person. The physical part of the person is a combination of several interconnected and overlapping components or elements (e.g. skin, a face, a head) each having characteristics unique to the individual i.e. a colour of his skin, the shape and size of the features of the face, the size and shape of the head. LIKEWISE; the soul is a has several interconnected and overlapping elements for example; The "life force" of the soul which provides the neccessary energy that gives life to the physical body. The life force has characteristics unique to the individual. It can be stronger or weaker, healthier or unhealthier. I believe the life force resides in the blood. The mind or intellectual consciousness is another element of the soul. It has characteristics unique to the individual for instance a certain IQ and a bent toward certain fields of interest (science, music, baseball). The personality/ temperament or emotional consciousness is yet another component of the soul. The personality has distinct characteristics that vary according to the the individual. The different temperaments used to be called the "four humours", i.e. sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Whether the soul continues to live after the person has died I cannot be sure but it does not seem impossible to me that the soul can die..just as the body dies.
  • Deleted..I meant to comment
  • Yes, I believe in the concept of a soul of some sort. Something in each of us that does go on after death.
  • Personally, no. There are a lot of theoretical problems with the idea... it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and there's been no scientific evidence for its existence either. Let me supply just one thought experiment about why it's a dubious proposition. Let's say we have a healthy young woman, who's intelligent, spunky, and fun. It's easy to imagine that this person might have a bright soul, and if she were to die, we could imagine that soul leaving here for some place else... because otherwise it would be a terrible loss, wouldn't it? Ok, let's now think about this same woman as she gets much older. She's now 97, and has Alzheimer's disease. Much of the time, she doesn't recognize her children. Her mood is often poor because she's frustrated with her deteriorating abilities. One morning, after a long struggle, she dies. What does her soul take with her? The memories from when she was 97 (mostly gone)? from when she was 80 (missing all the memories between 80 and 97). Will she magically remember all of the things she missed after having acute Alzheimer's? Does the soul store things and experiences that the brain can't? Is it perfect and completely secure from disease? To me it's too much of a fairy tale to swallow.
  • Yes, I really do.
  • I don't "believe" it, I "know" it.
  • Definitely!

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