• I spend no time fighting imaginary gods, because there is nothing to fight, but once a week or so, I argue with people who try to shove these imaginary gods down everyone's throat on Answerbag and Quora.
    • Linda Joy
      You lie. No one but you mentioned gods. That's hardly shoving anything down your throat, and in fact you are the one who chases everyone around commenting on others answers trying to shove YOUR beliefs down THEIR throats. You spend hours fighting what you don't believe is true, even when no one is talking to you you just make it your mission in life to force others to believe as you do. No matter what the topic, but especially if its about gods. Just as you did here. And for your information, you do have the ability to skip a question you don't like so your arguing against gods is a choice, a choice to waste your time arguing against something you claim doesn't exist which is a choice of irrationality. Why don't you make it a point to fight against Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny or Sasquatch? Why do you argue so passionately against gods if they don't exist and weren't even mentioned?
  • None. I fight for what I believe in.

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