• Fighting generally proves nothing. Living by Jesus Christ's Law of Love will be much more effective.
  • There is no value in fighting unless it is like a boxing match. I'd rather live the way God wants me to anyway.
  • We lost it already by fear being pushed. airports,stores,cameras,spying on the net,,TVs that spy on and on.
    • TBO
      ?Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.? ― Benjamin Franklin
    • mushroom
      Old Ben was quoting an earlier report by the Pennsylvania legislature regarding pioneers who lived on the Western frontier, but wanted protection. Still, your point is valid; the terrorists won. Now look at what immigrants are doing throughout Europe.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm not scared!
    • Thinker
      Yes, Orwell's 1984 is upon us.
    • Creamcrackered
      It's a Brave New World.
  • Double negative - trick question ? First of all there are many who don't understand the price of freedom, because they've never been challenged. It is very expensive, first in human life, and secondly in the amount of your money the warmongers (who will never be in harm's way) are willing to spend to further their personal gain while sending good loyal men and women to do their biding. Now when your sovereignty is being over run and challenged ... it is your duty to defend it at all cost, in every way you can...
    • Linda Joy
      What double negative? No trick question. It's a song lyric. Very good points you raised! So true!
  • If freedom is worth anything, it must be worth fighting for.
  • I won't back down. Changes are made this way.
  • Fighting means different thing for different people. Fight not always means a punch show or war. However, it must not be avoided if needed Many people do not know even the true meaning of freedom.
  • not sure what to believe about that
  • A lot of fighting is not always physical it is yelling at each other and giving each other the silent treatment and a few other things like silently competing for someone or a thing.
  • Absolutely, 100% your own boss is almost impossible nowadays to exist.
    • Linda Joy
      Well there are laws to take into account and I'm submissive to God. But there are also lease agreements and usage rules. So yeah there are rules that keep chaos from taking over and to keep us safe (traffic laws, etc.) So you're right there.
  • We are all free and if you want to argue about it, I will see you outside.
  • i think every human being is born free, it is man who places the restrictions and limits.
  • Whenever/wherever there are them willing to fight to take what is yours, you must either fight (and win) to keep it...or be a coward, and relinquish it.
  • It's a matter of fact, not belief. The fight of facing every day, just kill me already.
    • Linda Joy
      I get tired, too!
  • We are free because we fought
  • It seems that throughout history, human freedoms have been taken away by human govts of one sort or another until it reaches a point of making people angry enough to fight over the loss of their rights and freedoms. So, I believe that we often must fight to be a free people.
  • Of course not. Which is why even Jesus was a terrorist and why he was tried for sedition.
  • Anyone who answers in the negative and/or dances around it with things connected to religion has never been asked to serve his country. A veteran would have a quick and ready answer - YES. Looking at current events, we can see Marxism trying to take over but we have a Congress that is doing almost nothing to stop it. If a country doesn't fight to protect itself, it will be lost.

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