• The problem with H.R.676 is that it continues the hegemony of for-profit commercial carriers who stand between the patient and the doctor. That's where the money sinks down the drain.
    • Archie Bunker
      So you think that the solution government run healthcare?
    • mushroom
      Take a look at Health Share plans. They work with minimal profit margin and generally do not require networks. Not all of them require religious affiliation. As to Medicare, the present system could be extended to age 50, an age where preventative medicine saves costs later in life. But, of course, there's no political will to take any share away from the commercial giants.
    • Archie Bunker
      And I'd say take a look at the VA. There is a prime example of government run healthcare. It's broken, expensive and people are dying waiting for care.
    • Roaring
      The For-Profit Gatekeepers ie. Private insurance has no incentive to save costs if it reduces their profits. The bigger question is "Do we have trusted representatives to act primarily on behalf of the people?" Not when they are influenced by a billion dollar lobby. So Archie your broad brush painting anything government run being inept misses "our" responsibility to get corruption out of representative democracy. In the private sector you have well run companies and you have wasteful bad running companies. Do you ever question the motive of those spending billions on ads attempting to influence the narrative? do you really think these unnecessary middlemen give a shit about keeping prices down?
    • Roaring
      And why drug prices are so high in the US.......
    • Army Veteran
      I have no complaints with VA care, except I can't get them to leave me alone. "Waiting for care"? They schedule all kinds of appointments for me - I try to avoid them all I can.
  • The problem is not health care insurance but that the health care industry is monumentally gouging Americans. Medical expenses, by far, force the greatest number of Americans into bankruptcy tax any other cause. Americans are being financially destroyed at an alarming rate by medical bills that are many times higher than those charged in European countries. Middle class Americans are being strangled by the health care industry and whether one likes regulation or not allowing this blood sucking greed to take down hard working Americans is not acceptable to me. Jumping on the "we hate Medicare" band wagon, is not the answer.
    • Archie Bunker
      I'm about deregulating the healthcare industry. If you allow more competition between the insurers, that's what will bring costs down. The free market will stabilize the industry, as long as you get the government out of the way.
    • mushroom
      What has happened in the publicly sponsored Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan have been allowed to go for-profit and the big became even bigger - UHC and Wellpoint for example. If you think the giant banks formed by the bailout are not working in the depositors' best interest, then why put faith in giant insurers?
    • Archie Bunker
      The giant insurers, if you remove the bureaucratic red tape, would run more efficiently because they are there to make a profit for the shareholders. And in order to be profitable, you have to attract clients. And the way that you attract clients is offering better products for better prices than the competition. If you take away the competition, you have no incentive to lower your prices or offer more than the other guy.
  • Do I believe in this plan? No. I've yet to see a government run health care plan for all residents that hasn't nearly bankrupt the country. Why do they think it's a good idea? Because it's cheaper than Obama's plan that we could not afford, either!
    • Archie Bunker
      The VA is a prime example of government inefficiency. People dying waiting for care. A bloated bureaucracy of unneeded personnel. Inability to terminate problem employees. Wasteful spending. There is nothing that the government can do cheaper or better than the private sector.
    • Linda Joy
      The VA has saved my life many times, and I disagree with all you've said about them.
  • havent heard about it
  • I am in the UK with our truly wonderful NHS. I am in my 70s and there is no charge for any kind of treatment,and its not "Socialist medicine" as so many in the US are led to believe. I do strongly urge you to go for some kind of a health service.
    • DancesWithWolves
      Thanks for your comment well appreciated :)
    • Linda Joy
      How can you say there is no charge when your BASIC RATE for income tax is 20%? And some are paying as much as 45%!! If I was paying nearly HALF MY INCOME in taxes I'd expect someone to serve me breakfast in bed every day!!
  • In my opinion, health care needs to be 100% privatized or 100% publicly administered. Trying to do a hodgepodge mixture of government and private administration just causes unnecessary red tape and a bunch of scammers will drain money out of the system.
  • How can you not hear the entire planets population saying, "Medical Industry for all"? A little care vs no care at all is what it amounts to. Read the previous sentences to know to break from limiting yourself to just your political party or nation. Limited thinking cannot win.
  • I am for equal medical treatment for physical and mental health. Plus treating people with pre-existing conditions. Children should receive health care as well as their parents. Everybody regardless of work status should get health care.
  • Healthcare is a human rite.
  • Medicare for all is Socialism. The way to keep costs low is to allow competition in the private sector - government healthcare stifles competition.
  • Our NHS is becoming more and more privatised like the US model, as a result it being a business is taking priority over it providing health care. Even the doctors and surgeons, and nurses are disgusted.
  • Healthcare is a human right not a privilege for those that can afford it.
  • Why do you care? Archie Bunker is dead.

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