• If you can find a way to rinse it with either vinegar or lemon juice, a cup of either should take it out. Lemon juice ONLY if she's fair-haired, as it's a very powerful bleaching agent. If her hair is dyed at all, go with white vinegar. And don't worry, the smell goes away as it dries.
  • thats weird they cant get it out, hope she heals fast
  • I see this is a very old question I hope everything worked out okay. To brush out tangles in long hair you should separate it in sections start at the ends. Always hold the hair tight above the brush so it pulls less. Go slowly and gently. Expect it will be very time consuming. Or you could cut it. Don't rinse it or wash it or put any water on it until it's completely detangled. It will only make the knots tighter. I wish I could have been there for her. I know how she feels.

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