• I have a cat flap for my cats. There's 5 of them, so opening the door for them was like a full-time job ;) (And yes, I go for walks with them...)
  • I walk my two dogs but they are solazy they get to the shop[ and sit down and relax on the way home lol :)
  • LOLOLOL I walk and I walk and I run ..... LOLOLOL every day :):)
  • BOTH;) Somes times a walk which is and adventure one is 9lbs and the other is 100lbs and they get all twisted up;) Other times I let them out but I usually stay outside with them;)!!
  • i let them out by the window or the door in the morning and at night, but in the middle of the day if its sunny I'll go out in the garden and play in the grass with them, I've two cats one who's two and a bit years old and the other one who is 3 and bit months old so they're very playful!
  • I live rurally with two, 100# ea., German Shepherds. I just open the door and stand back!
  • Did you ever try walking a cat?
  • Well, if I had pets I would walk them. I wouldn't want them to run away or get worms and other types of unpleasant things.
  • We do both. Sometimes I just let them out but not before they are relaxed and paying attention and they only go when I allow them. Other times we go on leash for serious walks.
  • It's hard to walk chickens. Never tried walking the cat.
  • i live in the countryside in ireland so my dog lives in the garage and comes and goes when he wants. i sometimes walk him to the forest and through the fields but most days he gets up and goes himself, he'll comes back for food than comes in the house for abit of rest and then out head to bed. thankful all the homes around know him so its okay for him to roam where ever he wants. in a way he's like a wild dog but gets the comfort of food and shelter and ofcourse friendship. he's a lucky dog i want his life lol.
  • let them out back walk them in front
  • I open the stables and they gallop around their pasture like the lunatics they are. My dog roams free on our property and i do not ever walk him outside of it. We have gates open all the time here and he would learn to wander and that could prove to be unhealthy for him and or anyone who seeks to aggravate him.
  • I open the door and let them out constantly, but I also make time to walk them. Pups need to have their fun, too!!!
  • I have a little laniard that I put on the cat and I try and get him to drive in the car with me but it is too stressful for him so I dont do it much. I think he is really just a homebody and has no need to actually obtain his desires but is content to just sit wish and hope he gets to get outside and catch that illusive little bird? Who knows... Maybe he is smarter than most humans I know?

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