• In a sense they are doing research. Hopefully they are keying in the question which reinforces it in their memory and they may or may not receive an accurate answer on a site like this. Which brings us to another lesson: it's usually better just to Google it first and consider the source. And there are also more reliable homework help sites for those who need the proper help because maybe this child doesn't have a parent at home that can help them with their homework. Besides that they need to remember the answer for the test anyway and if they do then the mission was accomplished regardless the route. If it's a survey type question then yes, I'll answer that as well.
    • Iron Mask
      Asking for help can be research.
  • i dont see those questions much but i let them do it themselves
    • Iron Mask
      There were two on the first page of questions the day I posted this.
  • Do it themselves
    • Iron Mask
      Theyll retain what they learn that way.
    • Archie Bunker
      They'll also learn how to do it themselves as opposed to just "copying" someone's answer.
  • i dont answer since i dont know it anyways
    • Iron Mask
      Usually... neither do I.

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