• Question description - so you can see it if you choose to read that far... I asked a woman a question once and she actually told me she lets her husband do her thinking for her. I see a lot of people who let others choose their clothes and a few who let others choose their profession - especially when a son in law joins a family business. I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I just haven't been involved in even shared decision making for the past 20 years actually closer to 30. I make my choices and suffer my licks. I like getting my way all the time, but the down side is you have no one but yourself to blame if its the wrong choice.
  • no way
  • No, I'm not a liberal.
  • Everyone should make their own decisions, but it's fine to take advice. I think too many people these days (2019) don't know how to take advice. If your doctor advises you to get an appendectomy, you should choose to either have your appendix removed or to have your doctor removed. But, if you trust your doctor enough to be your doctor, you should take his or her advice very seriously. If you are in school, and you have access to a career adviser, and that adviser says that you should go into accountancy, you should hear him or her out, instead of just going off to join the circus. So, yes, I let some people do some of my thinking for me, because I don't have the time nor the energy to think about every little detail.
    • Linda Joy
      ooh! I should have joined the circus! Yeah, I guess I could use a little help in that department. I used to trust the doctors, even when they told me to send a washcloth to school with my son for when he felt itchy so he could rub his arms with it and it might keep him from touching other students - they ended up putting his desk in a closet and calling it his office! They even tried to have him labeled before we moved back down south because they didn't want him to experience "corporal punishment" that was allowed there! I'm a little more skeptical after several missed diagnoses on myself. I research my illnesses now and my medications. There is a reason they call it a PRACTICE after all. They're just guessing. I agree we should listen to the advice of others, but ultimately we all make our own choices even if that choice is to default to the choice of a trusted colleague.
  • No, I'm not American. But what you're describing is not "letting them think for you". It's merely giving them input into the choice so they share the consequences.
    • Linda Joy
      What I just said. Scroll up. Good to see you back, though. Ask some questions!
  • Well, my lover needs to know they are responsible for what ice cream I am going to eat.
    • Linda Joy
      To each their own, and I think its a good idea to establish clear boundaries about expectations that are deal breakers. That's a very individual thing, but I'm going to choose what I eat and he can choose what he eats! I'm more likely to let him have the remote and choice of what I wear, within limits. Or hairstyle. I really don't care and he's the one who chooses to look at it.

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