• not enough, for one thing i dont have anyone to say it to and also, my parents never said it to us so i was always shy about saying it
  • I don't like talking to the air. I prefer my "I Love you" to be directed at one very special person "in person." Many, many times a day I wish he was here so i could say it to him personally. However I am forced to live with his choices. Being apart is never as good as being together. ever
    • Linda Joy
      why are you apart?
    • Percussion
      IDK, it's a secret.
  • It's a bland and meaningless statement to make these days. You should instead demonstrate the type of "love" you have, instead of just throwing it out there and making people uncomfortable.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know why it would make anyone uncomfortable. In any case that's on them but I agree you should back it up with action.
  • not enough, i dont really have anyone to say it to
  • I'm not sure. I think I say it the right amount. I mean, I tell my girlfriend "I love you" a few times everyday. and I sometimes tell my best friend I love her.
  • I've heard both sides of that bell!
  • not often enough, i dont really have anyone to say it to
    • Majik-1
      NEVER say it unless you mean it!!!
  • I don't think that you can say it too much as long as you mean it!!! My husband & I made a habit of NEVER leaving each other's side without saying "I love you". Then he went to bed one night & NEVER woke up again. It gave me sooo much comfort knowing that the last word he heard from me was "I love you" & I knew he loved me. So, do NOT stop telling your son that you love him. God forbid that anything might happen, but you NEVER know until it happens; so, don't be sorry after the fact!!!

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