• Candy corn without a doubt.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh I like candy corn! But even more I like the chocolate ones in the harvest mix! Still I like snickers best.
  • ive never trick or treated
    • Linda Joy
      You probably still could if you wanted! I could probably go as a little old lady. I've been mistaken for a child more than once!
    • Pearl Lederman
      i dont trust people to give nne candy, dont know what theyd put in it plus inn prediabetic anyways, and if i want candy id rather get it at the store than fronn strangers, at least id know it would be safe, wonder if thats why i cant get jobs or friends to hang with, cause i get nnistaken for a child since inn 4ft5,
    • Linda Joy
      Are you on any meds for prediabetes?
    • Pearl Lederman
      inn on nnetfornnin
    • Linda Joy
      Did it help lower your A1C?
    • pearllederman
      i think its just been keeping it fronn going up
  • Before eating any of it my brother and I would sort through it. He got what I didn't like and I got what he didn't like. I always ate the hand-made goodies first [popcorn balls].
    • Cry me a River
      Popcorn balls and candied apples
    • Werewolf87
      Cookies, brownies and rice crispy treats with Halloween MnMs.
  • You really think I can remember? The last time I remember going Trick or Treating was around 1951!
    • Linda Joy
      I was thinking the same thing! lol I remember taking my son and my grandson.
    • Thinker
      I never got to do that. You were lucky.
    • Thinker
      I have been thinking, The first time I went trick or treating was in 1947 or 48. I had never heard of it before then. My teacher in school said it was impolite to trick or treat and should not be done. From what I remember at that time very few went out and only a very few had candy to give out. Halloween and trick or treating was not a big deal. The only reason I went is because one of my friends talked me into it over my objections it wasn't good to do and impolite. As I remember I only had a few pieces of candy.

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