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  • some men actually prefer small breasts
  • Keep telling her that you love her breasts because they're really cute.
  • Laugh whenever she removes her top? No, wait that's what you shouldn't do. Hmm.. I know: MAKE A BIG FUSS OVER THEM! Call them the itty bitty titty committee, and make jokes all the time, and laugh!!!...waits, no that again is what NOT to do. *sigh*'re going have to make her FEEL you're always so turned on by them, and learn how to be nice to them in the way they like (read some magazines)(womens magazines, men only know how to slobber in smothering ways...women would rather be teased than have direct stimulation. the art of teasing can send her to heaven. Read. Read books on sex. It's not so bad to have to do. You'll learn hot new things to do and she'll never think she is sub-par again.

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