• It depends on what he has done since. If he feels that just leaving like that is acceptable then you need to confront him about it. If he has told her that she won't ever be welcome in your house in that kind of state, then I would say he has discharged his responsibilities (however belatedly) and is worthy of forgiveness.
  • I sympathize entirely. My man is best friends with my ex-bestfriend (who is an ex for a reason) and she talks about me and he had not defended me at all. Try to talk to him, I mean, how would he feel if the roles where reveresed?
  • The one you should be considering forgiving is her. He didnt call you a bitch did he. He cant control what someone else does. If its the fact that he didnt defend you then you may have a right to be a bit upset with him. I dont want anyone else defending me me thats insult enough especially defending me to another woman when I am capable of doing it on my own. Thats justme though.
  • Yes. If he'd never seen her like that before, he probably hadn't considered how to react. This is a learning experience for him. You just need to let him know that you'd appreciate if he stuck up for you, and didn't let anyone be rude, no matter how surprised he is at their behavior. As to forgiving her... I'd expect an abject apology before forgiving, really. Even drunk, that behavior is not acceptable, and generally means that when she's not drunk, she still finds your man attractive, and is jealous of you. It doesn't seem like a healthy friendship to maintain, even if she apologizes and you forgive.
  • yes, it's not his fault she's a bitch
  • He wasn't the one who called you a bitch! I would tell him th at she needs to stay away though! Sounds like she might like him or something...I have these 2 girls who are after my man too I think! They came to his house this morning at like 4 am! I was MAD! They just start talking to him a lot lately and now they won't even hardly talk to me anymore...I think they're up to something! Good luck!
  • Definately forgive him, but give him a little time to think aout it first, a couple of days or so, thn forgive him.
  • He better learn to tell other girls to back the fuck off...him not doing that could mean theres somthing more going on...drunk or not there is no excuess...other girls will straight up try to take what you have and if he isnt strong enough or even willing to say hey stop it i'd be thinking again about having him in your life!
  • tell him to speak to that girl and tell her she should contact you to make an apology. I guess its not his fault what came out of her mouth but shes obviously jealous of something!! xx

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