• I think its based on where the originate.. I know alot of the nordic breeds do this.. mine shed right before spring for about twoo weeks, I have combed her and gotten more fur off her than I can imagine.. dogs with a dou ble coat all do this
  • I wonder! Is your dog a GSD? Because they shed all year round. Twice a year, they shed particularly bad. Have you considered vacuuming the dog? My wife did that with our last GSD.
  • Usually it has more to do with what you are feeding them and how much time do they spend indoors. If they spend a lot of time inside with little temperature change, they can shed all year long instead of a good twice a year. And if you feed them lots of carbs and starches, like in grains and veggies, they don't have the proteins and fats to have a healthy coat.
  • Dogs pretty much just shed. All it is is dead hair that falls out, just like humans. I know I have a lot of hair and it's very thick, and I shed more than some dogs do! (We have to sweep the carpet before we vacuum otherwise it fries the vacuum.) The longer haired dogs and dogs with double coats will shed more, but short haired dogs shed, too. You can buy special brushes that pull the dead hair out before it can fall out on the floor, but they can be expensive. However, if you're really having a problem with shedding, I would recommend buying one. I know the Furminator is a good brand. They can run 60-80 dollars but it works fantastically.

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