• i do all the time we hold hands a hug kiss on the cheek i love with all my heart i have 2 guy freinds like this one is gay and one is sraight
  • Yes, without hesitation.
  • I say 'i love you' to my friends, regardless of gender.
  • Yes,they know what I mean ,I hope.
  • I say it to all my female friends who I cherish.
  • yea after i got my divordce I started noticing that At first I thought it was weird but now it's no big deal just different kinds of love
  • I was friends with a young woman who told me that she loved me. She had a GF when she said that. I thought she knew that I'm married and about 30 years her senior so I said that I loved her too. I thought she meant that in a platonic way but apparently she didn't so now I'm reluctant to do that. Anyway, my best friend of the opposite gender is my wife and I've told her that I love her many times but we are "in love". I love our niece but I think I'm going to wait until her wedding day before I tell her that. ;)
  • Hell ya! I say I love you to all my close friends and family. They obviously know what I mean and do not confuse it for the real love I feel for my significant other!
  • I say it to all my close friends,male or female. I tend to say it more when getting ready to hang up the phone after having talked to them. I always say "love ya" before I hang up.
  • My best friend is my husband so I have an easy out! But in my circle of friends we always say "I love you" or "love ya". It is a well used phrase that has affectionate or bond-of-friend-and-family connotations.
  • Only if you're a girl, or a gay guy. If a straight guy says that he loves you, double check (casually/friendly) what he means. But from girls/gay guys it's totally normal.
  • i just heard it yesterday from a female friend. it makes me feel uncomfortable because it makes me have needs! :)
  • Yes, we tell each other we love each other all the time, and we both know exactly what is meant by it. No misunderstandings.
  • Occasionally, not very often. My best friend is a female, and we've been very close for about 10 years now. If the situation calls for it (like one of us is very depressed or having a rough time), we have no problem saying "I love you" to each other. It's not romantic or sexual, it's just a reminder of how important we are to each others' lives.
  • love is love. I say "I love you" to my best friends and my cousins because I do love them.
  • No, I dont really say I love you to anyone...
  • ofcourse..atleast i get to show them and tell dem my feelings as a friend..and how thankful i am to have them..
  • I have a friend that I say love ya to. He is actually a former in law but we are still close.
  • Yeah, I do.

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