• She might be having allergy issues. One of our dogs has severe allergies since we moved to this new area, and I've been hearing of a lot more dogs going through it. Poor thing probably feels lousy. :( Try giving her some beadryl and see if that helps. Here's a site for OTC meds for dogs and a site for info on doggy sickness. Hope she feels better soon!
  • I would be willing to bet it's an allergic reaction to something your dog has been exposed to as well. While I do not like using Benadryl on anyone...ideally, I have known Vets to recommend it on occasion. Here is a link to different web sites that you can research dosages and other information. Because CATS can have different and much more sensitive reactions to medications and especially to HUMAN MEDICATIONS...I very strongly suggest that CAT OWNERS refrain from giving out ANY human medication to their cats without direct supervision and on the advice from their Vet. If your dog has been vaccinated as a puppy for all the normal things, (the full series of vaccines) then those issues should not be related to this problem. The Aggression causes me a bit of concern, as normally a minor cold or allergic flare up should not cause a normally friendly dog to become aggressive. Generally aggression would only be related to either profound physical discomfort/pain, or to situational factors...such as the dog being provoked by something or someone; which I prefer is not the case here. That leaves us with something physical/health related that might be making the dog so uncomfortable that it is deviating from its normally happy, relaxed nature. Since no one here can actually SEE your dog or take any basic vital signs...temp, heart rate, check the skin, the mucus membranes...for abnormal changes...I would have to strongly encourage you to have your girl checked by your Vet. Sudden changes in personality or temperament can on occasion be a sign of greater challenges than a simple cold or allergy would suggest. If money is tight right now...take her in and then tell them you need to pay in two have the right to ask...many Vets...especially if you are a long time customer are willing to help you in this way.

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