• My guess is he wants everyone to think he is a very serious christian. IF he was a very serious Christian, why would he have married her?
  • No. She will break off the relationship before that happens.
  • If I didn't know any better, I would swear she was a porn star.
  • Pfft, does it really matter how Mariah Carey dresses herself? Although I don't really like what she wears, it is a free country and she has a right to dress how she pleases. And if her new husband is a good Christian man, should he like her less for how she dresses, and try to change her?
  • Nope! Leopards never change their spots.
  • "Very serious Christian" is all relative. Some take things like dressing "appropriately" seriously, and others do not. He must be in the category that does not, otherwise, he would not have been interested in her. In fact, I doubt he would have married her if she wasn't a reasonably serious Christian, and, from what I have read, she is serious about her religion (which doesn't mean she has to be ashamed of her body or be sexually repressed). So my answer is no - it will have no affect on her dress style, fortunately, because I like seeing her dressed like that.
  • I hope it doesn't because they way she dresses and acts sells her singles and albums!! dont let anyone change who you are or your personality just because they dont like it!!!
  • One would think that since she's 38 she would already calm down her way of dressing but obviously that isnt the case..I would hope out of respect for her husband she dress more appropriatley but I highly doubt it..espically with the industry shes in "sex" sells
  • Right! Her dress is so cheap. It takes a real man to change her. God knows if she will ever find one. It upsets people love her.
  • No she might change what he wears.
  • well people..First of all Mariah herself is a Christian. She is a performer and just like beyonce and J.lo and all the rest, they always try to look there best. the way she dresses does not reflect on her rleationship with God..SHE could have a closer walk with God then somone who dresses in turtle necks and pants...its how you handle yourself..she has never acted slutty and does not walk around in short skirts with no underwear on like others that we know Those of you who think that your all high and mighty and such "GOOD Christians" practice what you preach and open Gods word and re evaluate the scripture says "those who are without sin,cast the first stone"..

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