• Wow, fortunate kids.
    • Linda Joy
      Just the opposite, imo. They're being taught to depend on others for their happiness, that spending money is the only way to be happy and not being taught how to be fiscally responsible!
  • Thank God I'm not the average man !
    • Linda Joy
      I do, too!
    • Ice man
      Me three. : )
  • That's just ridiculous, spending that kind of money! Kids today have no imagination, are lazy, and rely on their parents spending money to entertain them. The parents lack of parenting skills is the first problem and just dishing out money is the second. Whatever happened to the summer days when kids were creative and went outside to play and have fun adventures with their friends all day for free.
    • Linda Joy
      Exactly! Also what I said to Boola.
  • no,but playing outside is free..Maybe buy them a used bike.
  • When I was a kid I know my parents didn't spend even $10 per week on me. I received 25 cents per week allowance. Later I worked in my parents restaurant and peeled potatoes and washed dishes for $1 per week. I spent much of my time fishing which cost nothing. But things were much different in the 1940's as compared today but still there are many kids that make it like I did back then.
  • I think some parents have more money than sense.
    • Linda Joy

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