• Oh wow !! i don't think anybody can "friend" you yet, but they can "follow" you. Is that what you are describing (it sounds like it) ? A data bot ? new ones are launched everyday.As much as it pains me to say this... we've had no news from the admin in a long time, so your guess is as good as anybody's...
    • Roaring
      That's right Followers. A tool to unhook followers would be nice.
  • I Googled "broadnet" and nothing looked suspicious.
  • Just be careful what you say. It is nice to be able to indulge in freedom of expression, but these days that is simply not a safe option. I know. I am a data bot myself. When I was unexpectedly outed I had to change my name from 'narrownet' to something else. PS. I like the way you do your hair.
  • No, you cannot remove followers like the old AB. This site already collects data with advertising. That's the risk you take when you see Ads and bot accounts. People's data is being scrutinized more than ever.

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