• Not sure if you can get it at a pharmacy. It is mostly glycerin gel.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. : )
  • If yoy are trying to do at home ultra sounds you can use KY jelly and aloe Vera. You cant nuy the iltra sound vel locally to my knowledge nut you can online To clink on the link below remove the space after the // http://
    • Ice man
      No, I wanted to lube up some sticky windows. Do you have a sticky keyboard? Maybe you could use some of that goop yourself.
    • Linda Joy
    • Ice man
      Evidently your math skills have greatly improved, and I'll be giving birth to some gall stones in about 10 years. I am simply beside myself and can hardly wait for the joyous occasion.
  • not sure
  • Its ultrasound gel. You can get it at CVS or Walmart. But here is the best solution to your problem that I have seen:

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