• I know what you mean. I've had a new doctor for the last 3 years. Every time I go in for an annual check up, she insists on me going through a month of different tests, only to find out there's nothing wrong with me. Every two years I'm required to have a medical form filled out to maintain my licience to drive heavy trucks. There is a deadline to have this done and she knows it, but she refuses to sign it until after ALL the lab results are in and I risk forfeiting my license. I just got off the phone with the government, I explained my problem and was lucky ... they've extended my deadline by two months.
    • Linda Joy
      Start earlier next time! I'm glad you're well cared for though! Makes me smile!
    • Ice man
      I can't start earlier because I have to wait for business to slow down or I lose too much money by having to take the time off to accommodate this F'n doctor. Nice to see you smile. ; )
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I wish. My whole family is struggling with that right now. Cheap insurance,cheap service. :(
    • CelesteLeeFKAC*
      I meant this as an answer.
  • not yet but i wouldnt mind having a doctor like that
  • You have a new doctor, who knows nothing more about you than what you tell him. However, the doctor might notice something seemingly minor, such as how tiring it appears for you just to climb a handful of steps. This is just one of many examples I could give. Now, if your trying to say the doctor just wants to pad the bill, remember he makes nothing from lab tests that are sent outside. Disclosure: I am not a doctor, nor am I employed by one.
  • It happens every time. They are covering their asses.
  • Where did you find such a treasure? If I could find one of those, I'd request a full micronutrient test to find out what I'm deficient in so I can fix my health problems. You have no idea what you have there - a doctor who is willing to give you every test under the sun. On a side note, you mentioned that you use an inhaler. When you feel the symptoms of asthma (I assume) coming on, try this - drink a glass of water and then dissolve a pinch of sea salt on your tongue and see if that brings you out of it. You should still have the inhaler at the ready just in case you need it. But if it works, then you'll know that asthma is caused by chronic dehydration. I don't have asthma myself, so I've never been able to test it. But I have reliable sources that I trust explicitly.
    • Linda Joy
      I can't eat salt. It makes me swell up. This is the VA hospital. Don't you have one? You can't just ask for any test. I'd ask for a full panel on my thyroid. I think TSH is as far as they were trained. I do have another one that wants to run tests. This time it was a bone scan. He wants to know why my red blood count has been steadily declining.
    • Army Veteran
      There's a reason salt makes a person "swell up". There are two "oceans" of water in the body - the first is made up of fresh water and it's located on the inside of the cells. The second contains salt water and is located in the extracellular region outside the cells. Proper health requires that these two oceans remain in balance. ¶ When you experience chronic dehydration, 66% of the water loss comes from inside the cells, 26% of the water loss comes from outside the cells, and 8% of the water loss comes from the blood (this is where high blood pressure comes from). In order to try and correct the loss of balance between the two oceans of water, the process of reverse osmosis is used to filter the salt water outside the cells and inject it into the cells as fresh water. If there isn't enough water in the body, the body starts retaining salt in order to attract water from outside sources (food) since drinking water is the only way the body gets it. The only place it can store this water is in the "outside ocean" since that's where salt water is maintained anyway. This is why people develop "water swelling" or edema. ¶ The proper way to treat it is to fix whatever caused it - ie: drinking more water.
  • They want to cover their butts.

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