• that's not really a question...
  • I fully agree. Your husband could suffocate, anything bad could happen. You should express your concerns to your husband and explain to him why you think it's a terrible idea! Good luck!
  • Leave it alone! Some men have traditions about these kinds of things and to interfere or even stop it could cause some serious LONG-TERM grudges. A police officer witnessing this would NEVER just shoot at the men and would either laugh or scold when realizing what was going on, but wouldn't press charges against the men. Men are always going to do things that we don't like and don't understand, most of them involving some sort of risk to themselves and others, just as we do and say and think things they don't understand!
  • NO! It is not okay. You need to tell him how you feel about it. You obviously don't think it's safe or you wouldn't have posted the question. To leave this alone may be the one stupidist, most regrettable thing you could ever do. Yes, a lot of men have juvenile traditions and most of the time nothing bad happens. What if this turns out to NOT be one the "most" times? There are plenty of safe ways to have fun and play practicle jokes. This is NOT one of them. Think. Are they likely to be drinking when they do this? I suspect yes. This kind of prank is usually played out by drunks. THAT will cause the likelyhood of a tragic accident to skyrocket. This is a BAD idea, and you have every right to speak to him and tell him how you feel. I've been married twice and didn't have a bachelor party either time. I didn't want one. The tendency for this kind of stupidity is why.
  • No. At first I was thinking about how exciting this is in a strange way, but after some thought I have to say it crosses the line and if something goes wrong it will definitely be criminal. I also watched an episode of Psychic Detective where one man was tricked into helping an evil man kidnap his victim with the lie that the victim was vandalizing property and needed a scaring up. This is just wrong and you should tip him off.
  • It's not a great bachellor party unless someone goes to jail.
  • WHAT!!
  • wrong question ... ask the bride what she will put up with . Then ask your hubby WHERE they intend to end up and just what entertainment is on the bill for the night. pulling a restrained man out of a car trunk at a public place is unlikely and bach parties that start out with 'Kidnapping" are going to break other laws as a mater of course. As for you, make sure that your hubby goes with a dozen condoms because I'm sure... that fun will ensue!
  • As long as the trunk lid doesn't get slammed down on his love muscle.
  • no this is not okay, and someone will get hurt. tell your husband how you feel...
  • no this isn't okay it's illegal what is wrong with them
    • mugwort
      If this is illegal that is enough reason not to do it I'm sure its illegal because its dangerous He could suffer greatly.
  • Hell yeah, it's okay. People need to stop being such pansies. It's a freaking bachelor party, not a wine tasting. There's nothing wrong with men being men. The fact that someone might get hurt is what makes it fun. Jeez.
  • dont sound okay to me
  • No its not okay it sounds very red neck no 5class and very likely a bystander will call the police.
  • If this guy really thinks he is being kidnapped he is NOT going to go quietly and he will do as much serious physical damage as possible to everybody who grabs him. Kidnap lesson number one: Under NO circumstances, including the threat of being murdered do you ever allow yourself to be put into a kidnapper's vehicle. After that chances of survival are far below 50%. Even a very small guy is going to do some serious damage.
  • no, its not okay

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