• Is your box sealed off? Crickets can jump pretty high. Also if you are using adult crickets, they can chew through nylon so if you are using a nylon mesh screen that could be a problem. Jerry Your source for chameleon care and information. Forums are now open!
  • oh god, the house is infested.
  • i have the same problem with my leopard gecko lizzys cfrickets and they wont go i think my cats are pulling the out so that may be it.
  • Make sure your cage is tightly sealed. Adult crickets can bite through alot of materials you wouldnt think they could. If you often take your gecko out, some crickets can escape in the second you open the cage. another idea is that MAYBE your gecko tries too eat them, but theyre too big, so he pukes them out when your holding him. Try smaller crickets. Bye!
  • i am having same problem - for the last 2 years crickets escaping and its driving me nuts co they're so noisy. i have tried everything to prevent it. i m having to give the geckos up as i can't deal with the cricke problems - my house mates/landlords are not impressed!!! also grateful to know if others have this problem or if it can truly be avoided.
  • hi, im a first time poster on the web. Okay so how many do you have at once? if you have 10-70 at once you can buy a plastic cage with a lid that snaps in place for about $10 put a toilet paper tube in it for them to hide in.For 70-100 buy a bigger one for $20. Forover 100 buy a ten gallon aquarium with 5 paper towel tubes in it. be sure that the lid is on with cage clamps. Also for noises buy small brown noiselss crickets P.S. with the plastic cages the crickets can jump and hang upside down (very rare) and they will jump outwhen you open it.
  • i have the same problem

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