• Next time just tell her you don't ever want to hang out with her.
  • Just tell her to get lost.
  • you might just try it once, maybe you'll have fun. if not tell her that you don't want to hang out.
  • read your profile well maybe she just need a friend and feels lonely can it hurt and be honest doesnt matter if she hates you or not tell her you think she is a nice person and all that just like you said here because there willcome to a point where you get tired of it and snap in frustration. got question for you got any younger siblings kinda the same maybe she looks up to you.
  • If you don't want her to hate you then you must tell her how you feel. If you keep giving her excuses she'll think that's just what they are, and keep up asking until she finally realises that all your 'excuses' are just because you can't say 'no'. At which point, she'll probably be really annoyed with you and will most likely not have any respect for you. That would not be good recipe for a healthy working relationship. She might well be hurt if tell her the truth, rejection is never easy to swallow, but at least she'll know where she stands and you will stop feeling awkward.
  • Keep saying your busy, she'll eventually take a hint.
  • i think you should give hanging out with her a try, u might like it
  • You sound as if you are a caring person and do not want to hurt others feelings which is a great quality in a person. But in the same sense if you really don't want to be friends then you would want to let her know that you appreciate her interest in being a friend you would rather not hang out due to whatever the reason is and if you don't want to hurt her then be careful how you word your reason so that she will understand yet keep respect for you as a person and coworker. good luck!
  • Just tell her you don't want to hang out!!!!!!!
  • why don't you want to hang out with "a nice girl"?
  • Dont be so hard on her just play agood friend.take her out on a date but make sure that you dont mess,remember its the first date be careful.eventually she'll stop nagging you.
  • tell her exactly how u feel dont lead her on she may get mad or hurt but she will get over it eventually i promise :} good luck.
  • Just tell her you are in a relationship at the moment and dont want to send missed signals. She'll get the point. This way you come off looking like a good guy for staying loyal to your imaginary gf and at the the same time you spare her feelings in one fell swoop.
  • spread some love and caring for others in the world - go out with her occasionally, you may end up in the same boat one day!
  • If you don't want to hang out with her than don't. You don't owe her anything just because you work together. If she's nagging you, making you uncomfortable, and can't seem to take a hint, you don't want nothing to do with that anyhow. Trust your instincts.
  • You should hang out with her as friends. You can go for drinks, go to the park or what ever. Everyone needs someone to be friends with and hang out with. You may end up in the same situation, and karma will be nice to you if you are nice to others. besides, you never know, you may find that you have more in common with her than you think.
  • why lie that you are busy instead of telling her that she nice but you can't hang out with her.
  • Just tell her that you like her but you don't want to hang around with can do that.......but maybe it's best to be friendly and polite but say nothing. Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing to "say".
  • Can you tell her that you don't hang out with women you work with, period?? This isn't a bad rule to go by. (I say "women" in case you have guy friends you hang out with) If you don't hang out with anyone from work then just say "I don't hang out with anyone I work with" It honestly complicates things... I know from experience!
  • If you've already set in your mind not to befriend her after work, then don't do it. Keeping a work relationship only at work is a smart move on your part. It's nice to know that she wants to spend time with you away from work, but don't feel obligated because she asked. Just be honest with her. She'll appreciate you for it later.
  • just give her a chance....she obviously really likes you ...that is flattering, even if she is a total some won't be sorry.
  • What's the harm in hanging out with her once? In a way, I know what that's like. I have guys who keep asking me to hang out with them STILL, even after I consistently say "No", "No", etc. They just don't take the hint, even if I flat out say I don't want to hang out with them. I guess there is nothing you can really do about it. Hopefully she'll give up. Maybe you could hang out with her just once and be really boring and she'll never ask you again. Maybe. Just maybe. That works sometimes.
  • just tell her its nothing personal but youre busy
  • You tell her that you keep office relationships in the office and separate from your private life. Then you make sure not to go out with other people from the office. Tell her you are currently very busy with other things and you do not have time to add one more thing to your schedule. Then dont talk about being bored.
  • just tell her its nothing personal but that youre busy

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