• How the hell do you know this? Are you reading her phone? Hey... grow a pair... if she wants to see him, she will... if she cheats... that's her problem...
  • I had my girlfriend lie to me to hang out with her ex, and it sucked ass. i caught her in her lie, and then she lied more to save herself. In the end, I got hurt over nothing. I told her I didn't care if they hung out, as long as I could meet him first. Needless to say, it was hard to trust her after that. Since you do know, confront her, and say you will be cool with it as long as you meet him. Then she left her emails up, and I saw an email from him...I checked it. Wrong, but my trust had been broken. Basically, confront her, before she does something to hurt you, like lie to you. She has no right to get mad for wanting to hide this from you. You will not trust her if you catch her lying to you.
  • and you know this how? Trust is a two-way street. If you don't trust her already, what she does or doesn't do with her ex will make little difference in the relationship you have.
  • just dump her. she sounds like a dishonest liar whose going behind your back. she may not be cheating now but seems like she wouldn't be above the idea either.
  • If there's any doubt.......then there's no doubt. If you're at this point, don't bother hanging around.
  • 1-30-2008 She's cheating. Dump her.
  • anything is possible, maybe you should dump her

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