• No, it's just me and my inner child and he does not exist on this metaphysical plane.
  • Oh yeah! To the point my 9 year old argues with me, but everybody else gets to watch it mom. So what! I won't let him watch anime, spongebob, and nearly every other cartoon on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. But he is always welcome to watch Boomerang, which airs the old school cartoons we grew up to.
  • Yes I do, sex, drugs or story lines that have a grey line to the topic, plot or message. Shows that have a clear objective excluding what I mentioned above, no I don't censor it. Example of one is Saving Private Ryan. I wanted my son to have a clear understanding what the greatest generation sacrificed for us and him, and for him to always remember.
  • Only in as much as they watch what I want to watch. I don't say, you have to leave the room because this isn't suitable for children. I simply change channel. I guess you could say I censor myself if they are around.
  • I don't shelter my daughter too much, after all she has to relate to the other kids. However I use censorship over her. Influence by non exposure
  • Absolutely. My kids will NEVER be subjected to the liberal crap spewing from MSNBC.
  • Yes, my daughter can watch anything but nudity. She probably hears more curses out of my mouth than they'd allow on TV, lol
  • I censor what my kids watch definitely. No nudity and no violence.
  • I'm not a parent yet...but I will ABSOLUTELY censor what my kids watch on tv, when the time comes!
  • when I was a kid my parents did not have to censure what we watched on T.V. since 99.999% was what they call today G rated and since all kids were in bed by 8.30 pm it was cool because after that the adult programs came on like the 'the Dave Allen show'...'the Mavis Bramston show' etc so they didn't have to do much at all in the way of censorship, now days its a little bit different but I don't have kids so I don't have this problem and anyway if I did I would be more worried about what they saw and heard in every day life than what was on T.V.
  • I am absolutely more opposed to violence than nudity. I think it's bizarre that our culture is so afraid of the human body. I live in the US, and I think this fear is hurting our children and not helping them. That being said, my child doesn't watch much television at all. We occasionally watch movies together, and can discuss what we watch when it's over.
  • When we were kids, Frank, there wasn't anywhere near the kinds of things on TV that there are now. I don't have kids, but I'd surely keep an eye on what they are watching these days. BTW...haven't seen you around for a few...welcome back! We missed you!
  • when I was a kid there was nothing worth censoring on TV!!!
  • Yes, I do. When I was a kid, we didn't have the kinds of shows we have now that I think are inappropriate for children.
  • Yes I do. Most definitely. I don't like all the violence on t.v. Violence against women and men. There's just too much of that crap on t.v. these days. Sorry for my bad language CuriousFrank.
  • I never had to. My daughter only cared about Nickolodeon and Animal Planet for many years. Then she pretty much stopped watching TV in her late teens. Now she still doesn't watch much TV.
  • No... To a point. We made sure our kids knew that what we saw on TV was not real. Now-a-days, much of it is all TOO real. We also made sure to explain things we thought they wouldn't understand, and made them turn away if it was something we didn't think they should see (nudity and extra-strong and bloody violence), with the admonition that if they DIDN'T turn around when we told them to, they would NOT be able to watch the shows we did. (We only made them do so for the few seconds it was on... When it went back to "normal", we'd tell them. And, they trusted us to do so.) Now, my sister wouldn't let her girls watch anything violent (afraid they'd have nightmares), but they would see it anyway, when they were home with their father, or at a friend's house. So what was the point? Wouldn't it be better to have them see it when you could explain it the way you want them to see it? Now that my kids are out of the house, they watch what they want, which tends to be anime, comedy channel, and cartoon channel, most of which my wife and I cannot stand. (Of course! ... When we were young adults, we watched MTV, back when it wasn't filled with rap, which MY parents never really understood.)
  • Never! You have to "teach" your kids how to watch TV! And kids should never be sheltered from anything! They need to know the "real world" is not all "peaches and cream"!! You have to "teach" your kids so they will know what's real and what is not! As a result I have a very mature, well adjusted, highly intelligent,successful son, who has a wonderful family and he also never got into any trouble as a child! Oh I don't mean he was a saint, he was far from it but it was not because of anything he watched on TV! That is just stupid to blame problems on TV!!!

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