• Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by Elton John Fun question! I do kind of have a psychedelic mind without the psychedelics
    • Roaring
      How about that. yours and mine by Elton John. He had 6 number 1 hits in the 70's
    • Linda Joy
      Lol I'll agree with your self assessment!
  • Eye of the Tiger... by Survivor, in the UK chart. Hard to Say I'm Sorry.... by Chicago, in the US chart.
  • "Little Bit O'Soul" by The Music Explosion .....
    • Linda Joy
      You and me both on that one! A good song can always lift my spirits and get me through a tough time!
  • Not sure but it may have been Shrimp boat is a comin' or it could have been Day O, or maybe Circle of Fire. That is just too long ago, 1952.
    • Linda Joy
      I certainly don't remember! That's why I googled it!
  • Steam "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"
  • I looked at mine, and I have no recollection of the song, nor does it strike me as particular memorable today.
  • The Loco Motion - Grand Funk. Seems to fit my life so far.
  • i dont think i had a song then
  • Hah! A great one! "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens *** BTW - and hate to burst your bubble - but isn't you're song about homosexual relationship(s)? Yeah, I know it was written in honor of the Philadelphia Freedoms tennis team, but the writers have admitted that the lyrics themselves had NOTHING to do with either tennis or patriotism. And I guess we all know what Philadelphia's motto is...
  • "True" by Spandau Ballet was No. 1 in UK, "Beat It" by Michael Jackson in the US. Neither defines my life!

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