• In the summer, I would get up early, hop on my bicycle and ride around town and not come home until early evening. It was a much freer time growing up in the 70's. I would hate being a kid now.
  • play with my dolls i suppose lol..and nope i dont lol
    • Linda Joy
      Maybe when you hit the age of dementia you can play with them again! I'm looking forward to it! I've already started with the coloring books.
  • Piss off my mother, from what she tells me.
  • As a post-infant pre-teen, probably watching Saturday morning cartoons. As an early teen, reading. etc.
  • doing anything to get away from a very very abusive family.
  • Shooting slingshots, and whittling them to sell to the neighborhood kids. They would be busting hump to mow grass, paper route, or whatever crapwork their parents invented to earn that allowance....I'd be lazing in the shade under the apple tree, making a slingshot to sell. Until they could beg their way into a BB gun, my slingshots was the only game in town. I quit making slingshots when the ads in comic books and magazines for the WristRocket started. I got one and knew mine couldn't compete. I never stopped using the Wrist Rocket. Over the past 40 some years, I have always had at least a couple, and have used one almost every day.
  • watch Bugs Bunny cartoons! and eat candy. it was so sweet back in the day, you could feel the sugar eating the enamel off your teeth. LOL!
  • Ride bikes and hang out with my friends. In those days, you didn't worry about child molesters or gangs. We could go anywhere our bikes could carry us and stay out as long as we wanted (within reason). Parents didn't question you about everything unless the cops brought you home (which wasn't likely). We were responsible people back then - knowing you had to answer for your own actions was, itself, a safeguard against doing anything wrong.
  • ride my bike
  • Move up into the mountains when my father and uncles all went to work logging after the spring snow melt. We would spend the entire summer up there in the cool high country. Sometimes the grandparents would come along too, and share their memories of old town sites that were ours before the Americans ran us out of the woods and sent us to the rez. They would gather and prepare basket materials and show us about the wild food and medicine plants that were up there. It was pretty cool. We often got in trouble when we came home because we had missed some school though.

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