• Well I know I am just asking for a DR with this answer, but here goes. Maybe you should have thought about that before taking on the responsiblity of having sex in the first place. You werent using protection so you asked for it. There is nothing I would do if I were you except give up all my rights to the baby to the mother. Basically the child will not be yours and you no longer have to worry about it. Frankly the child deserves much better than a father who will resent him/her. And DONT YOU DARE even hint to her that you want her to have an abortion. Slim chance: but you could be a man and step up to the plate on your respnsibilities and love the child for who he/she is. The baby will be you blood. People have children with people they regret all the time. I hate my baby's father with all my heart but I LOVE my son to death. Think about this before you take it out of your pants again. I will pray for the mother.
  • What "Orthodox" religion permits this behavior. Doesn't sound to Orthodox to me. Why not just go ahead and break all the rules and MARRY THIS WOMAN. YOU chose her, YOU took her to bed, YOU made this child, Dont go claiming some "divine" orthodoxy now. BTW. Just how do you PLAN not to have a baby with her. What do you do now? as butterfly said. BE A MAN, BE A MAN, BE A MAN......And quite using whatever religion you CLAIM to be as a crutch and an excuse to be irresponsible.....BE A MAN...DEAL WITH IT...IF you didnt want a J.W. as a mother for your child, WHY DID YOU GET HER PREGNANT
  • The word is "pregnant". If you didn't want that to happen, there are ways to avoid it. But now you have to deal with the fact that you DO have to deal with this. Hopefully, the mother of your child will seek child support .. that is your child's right. Not sure how old you are .. but I have a feeling much too young to be a father. That's very sad for the child.
  • i would just enjoy your new baby, thats all you can do

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