• Many times!!
  • Yeah that's happened once or twice!
  • Once. Although it was not my fault. I work at the front desk in a nursing home and one day this previous employee came in to apply for a job. Well they walked up to the desk and I said Hi Stepanie and they said my name is Stephen now!! Does that count?
  • There is a "person" on the bus I get to work, I haven't got a clue, I don't care, its thier life, but I cant help but wonder :-)
  • Yes. When I would get closer, the adam's apple and the razor stubble was a dead giveaway.
  • Yes, my best friend's cousin.
  • Yes...its a little scary. :p
  • Unfortunately, I'm one of those people. I have really masculine qualities, and I guess I made the mistake last year of cutting all my hair off. I had a total dude haircut. I was a cute guy, don't get me wrong... I'm just not a guy. This was about a year ago, so my hair has definitely grown back, and no one has made any mistakes. I now REVEL in being called ma'am, chick, girl, lady. But, yeah, I was still in highschool then and I was taking the bus, and people would make jokes about how they couldn't tell if I was a dude or a lady. I just hate hair! I don't like taking care of it, I don't like styling it or having people compliment me on it! Which is weird because I have beautiful hair, or so people have told me. Short answer: I was one of the people that other people couldn't tell if I was a guy or a girl.
  • HAHAHA yess.
  • I'm usually pretty good at knowing if its a she or he, but I've been caught off gaurd about a dozen times out of a hundred. Usually by a woman who looks very masculine.
  • Once in a club I asked a girl if she was a boy or a girl, but also remarked that androgeny is a universal beauty, which made a possible insult into a compliment ;)
  • Yes, And there was no way of telling the difference, some people, just weird LOL
  • In Thailand....but the secret is when in doubt....straighten the arm...womens bend mens don't.forget the Adams Apple the Ladyboys have them removed...and if in doubt..DON'T!
  • Pretty often.
  • Many times, actually. In fact, just tonight I was thinking that a particular boy’s long hair made him look like a girl, and it turned out she actually was!
  • Yeah, I thought this one lady was a guy. When I saw her in the woman's bathroom, I then knew she was a lady.
  • Yeah I've been surprised once or twice. The old crocodile dundee check comes in hand.
  • I think everyone has done that with Babies but just a few days ago, I said "No Sir" to a woman at McDonald's. She wasn't too pleased with me but I honestly thought she was a man.
  • Yes but if I forget, I just unzip my pants and do a wiener check.
  • Yeah, probably the most confusing moment of my life, haha :)
  • yes i call them indecipherable-genders.
  • Sure, it happens from time to time.I have a couple of lesbian friends with haircuts that look more male than female. They are often mistaken for adolescent boys. One of them played Viola/Cesario in Twelfth Night a couple of years ago, which was fascinating. Her first name is Ayano, which is Japanese. To Western ears accustomed to male names ending in "o," her name sounds masculine if anything. To audience members who did not know her, her entry in the program simply added mystery. Her bio omitted gender-specific pronouns and listed her productions but not her characters. The boundary between the play and real life were intentionally blurred.

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