• not if it wasnt my fault, i think the person that raped her should be embarrassed, i was born in uruguay myself
  • Human life is not shameful. But a 13 year old girl should be ashamed for her irresponsible actions at a very young age.
  • Up until the late 19th century most girls were married between 12 and 13 years old. It would have been a joy at that time. Only thing now is most states have laws prohibiting young girls from marrying. That does not mean they are not sexual or desire sex at 13 years old, they do. The problem today is good sexual relations has been made dirty by churches and the news media. Satan, the Devil, loves to make a good thing bad. Don't get me wrong because rape, and lascivious behaviour is not good.
  • Given that a 13 year old is too young to consent to sex in most countries I would agree with Pearl (above). A victim of rape should not be made to feel shame or embarrasment, that would be victim blaming. The perpetrator is the one who should feel shame.

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