• Yes, I had to stop going to my tutor because of it. It is for the best. She is a good teacher but she gets me riled up, then I can't think, then she gets frustrated and it is a vicious circle.
  • Yes. I was unbelievably stressed out. Work was getting to me and the pressures of taking care of so many tasks that needed done. I decided that I needed a time away from all the pressure. I needed to get away. I had everyone leave me alone and I found a cry closet, where I could go and cry to relieve all my stress from the day.
    • Archie Bunker
      Actually, what happened was that I remembered that I was in combat in Iraq and I had a job to do, so I just had to suck it the fuck up and go do my job.
    • Linda Joy
      Well said!
  • yes, just being out of work stresses nne out
    • Archie Bunker
      Then do something about it.
  • According to the psychological stress surveys I've been under extreme stress most of my adult life. I think you just get used to it over time.

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