• I think this probably depends whether "on the scene" is the same yard your dog was in. Then? perhaps, maybe, yes. Otherwise? Probably not. Call the police department, write down what they say, then call the newspaper.
  • Get a Lawyer....Yes they had no right to do that. Now if the dog was trying to bite them...but even if that they had no right to Shoot it. Call your local news and paper and get them involved. If you get a good lawyer this could be a case
  • a gray area in the law. an officer if feels threatened can kill your dog. if your dog was in a fenced in yard or on a yard leash then no they do not have a right. It is hard to tell because you had not posted all the information it what was going on and why your dog was allowed to be in the situation. The police will argue pet controlled was not present and most likely you will have nothing but a long drawn out situation with nothing good coming from it.
  • If your dog did not assault the officers, or antagonize them aside from barking, then they had no legal right to shoot your dog. You need to follow up on this as soon as possible, by notifying the authorities (Peta, and the ASPCA in your area). They may advise you from there what your rights are. I hope this helps you, and don't forget to definately follow up in any way possible. Don't go to the police, though, they generally protect their own.
  • Only if your dog wasn't fenced or the officer was in your yard/coming for you. I would get a lawyer. This sounds like animal cruelty to me, and I'm no fan of PETA.
  • I assume there was no threat to the "officers of the law"? Then get a good lawyer and play merry hell with them if you can. Savages. :)
  • Can't help as I don't live in USA but I am sorry about your dog. Please accept our condolences and I hope you nail the bastards.
  • I cant believe the officer who did this didnt give you chance to remove your poor old dog,i am just so sorry this happened to you.
  • According to a recent case here, the police are allowed to kill any dog they believe in "interfering" with their police action. In the local case, the criminal was running through yards, the police saw a dog in the yard, opened the gate, shot the dog, and pursued the criminal. The law ruled they destroyed "property" needlessly and the family was entitled to the value of the dog. Nothing for pain and suffering.
  • I agree with everything that has been said and think the cop who shot your dog should be hit in the head.That being said the whole problem when you go to court is that your dog got out of your house and ran outside, your word against theirs about if he was a threat but its clear that he should have been in the house or on a leash.
  • so sorry for your loss ...if it was me I would nail the bastards to the wall...go and see a lawyer and I would be contacting the papers to get the story out ....mongrels !!
  • First, why were the police on the scene and for what? were they called there, or did they arrive without a police call from someone? This is important. More to come, after your response.
  • I agree with the person below, publicity can definitely help, because these kinda things need to be niped in the butt right away. But the cop can always argue that the dog posesed a threat to him and felow people around, in this case it would be very hard to prove whos in the right and whos in the wrong,just do your research and find out if you can press charges.
  • In the state of Ga a law enforcement officer has the right to use deadly force if he or she believes that they or someone else's safety is in imediate danger.
  • This might be one of those cases where it's reasonable to take the law into your own hands. It's very unlikely the officer will be punished for what he did. That would be one thing, but you have to keep in mind that this piece of crap will still be carrying a badge and gun. He'll likely hurt other people too, just like a murderer or rapist would. Consider waiting a while and then quietly finding an opportunity to off him. Don't tease him, don't rub his nose in it. Don't make it an act of revenge. Just off him. Obviously, the above is a very personal decision. I don't know what I'd do under such circumstances. It's really quite tragic to have to take a human life, but this is one of those cases where it might be justifiable.

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